The observer selection effect or anthropic bias is an interesting subtype of survivorship bias. From the LessWrong wiki:

An observation selection effect exists when some property of a thing is correlated with the observer existing in the first place. The study of such effects is sometimes called "anthropic reasoning" or "anthropics", after the anthropic principle.

An example of anthropic bias:

We consider our species to be quite robust and capable of handling crises; after all we survived countless wars, famines, plagues, and successfully avoided nuclear holocaust during the Cold War. Surely we can handle any turbulent future that waits for us?

But we are probably overestimating our capabilities; after all, if we hadn't survived any of the past crises, we wouldn't be alive today observing that we had survived so many past crises! We might have simply been lucky, and the next crisis could turn out a lot different from the previous ones :)