A lot of kids starting at Harvard Business School next fall will  be hanging up posters of Adam Neumann in their dorm rooms. Neumann, the  founder of WeWork, will walk away from this corporate bonfire with a  billion dollars and a bunch of fancy houses. His great-grandchildren  will be prominent philanthropists with their names on museums and  universities, the strange origin of their fortunes long forgotten.  Neumann did a certain sort of capitalism—one with some cachet at HBS!—as  well as anyone has ever done it. It is one thing to build a successful  company that creates a lot of value and take some of that value for  yourself; Neumann created a company that destroyed value at a blistering  pace and nonetheless extracted a billion dollars for himself. He lit  $10 billion of SoftBank’s money on fire and then went back to them and  demanded a 10% commission. What an absolute legend.

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