The Fandom wiki has interesting fan theories about the hidden meanings behind some of my favourite childhood cartoon TV shows:

Pinky and the Brain

Pinky is the Genius And The Brain is Insane
... There was also an incident in which the Brain entered into a game show, and he answers every question correctly, but he was ultimately stumped on the final question. Shockingly, Pinky was the one who ultimately answered the question correctly, and it's also shown that Pinky can read, whereas the Brain can barely write his own name.

The Powerpuff Girls:

HIM, the satanic figure in the main series, is believed to have been the Girls' homosexual uncle. The reason as to why he's seen as the Devil in the main series is because his brother, Utonium, was very intolerant of homosexuals, and deemed the concept as being ungodly. He also convinced his daughters to stay away from his brother, and he never mentioned his brother by name. Instead, he always referred to his brother as "Him." However, some believe HIM stands for His Infernal Majesty, a name for satan.

The Jetsons and The Flintstones:

It is believed that a nuclear war occurred hundreds of years prior to the Flintstones, and that the characters from the Flintstones were all that remained of a war-torn world. It is also believed that after this catastrophic war, many people evacuated from the Earth, and built houses in the air. When the radioactive levels went down, several of these sky-ridden individuals returned to the ground to repopulate the Earth. Many animals were also presumably mutated into dinosaurs from the nuclear fallout of the war.